January 2, 2008

Japan Launches Toy Train To Nowhere


Alright, people, enough with the hyperventilating over Japan's "Omoden" Toy Train [Omoden is short for Omocha Densha, or Toy Train]. Saying there's a Toy Train in Japan is like saying there's a monorail in America, except that at least the monorail goes somewhere.

The Omoden is an outdated two-car train that runs a measly 14.3 km from Wakayama to Kishigawa. If Osaka is Japan's Los Angeles, then Wakayama is Osaka's Irvine. Which makes Kishigawa Wakayama's... someplace 8.5 miles away from Irvine.


The Omoden is decorated in rainbow colors, and it features display cases full of toys you can't play. There are also toy vending machines which are just like every capsule toy vending machine in Japan, and there are video screens showing cartoons, which is just like every screensized surface in Japan, too, including the trains in Tokyo. Perhaps the only truly unique feature is a crib-looking playpen, which one kid could ride in.

There does appear to be a giant countertop which could be used as a changing table, but wherever you're going on the Omoden, you'll be there in a few minutes; so why not just wait?

ever been on a train this nice? [deputy-dog via fffound]
Wakayama Dentetsu, home of the Toy Train and the Strawberry Train [wakayama-dentetsu.co.jp]
Wakayama to Kishigawa: the solid, short gray line is the train [google maps]


excellent toy train, i wish all the train in other countries could be like this, something homely and relax to ride on...

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