January 2, 2008

DT's New Year Resolution #1: Faster With The YouTubes


So as I was thinking of doing a Greatest Daddy Types Hits of 2007 post last year/week, I was scrolling through the archives and going, "like, what's so great? Posting about 1,500 Philippine prisoners dancing before they did 'Thriller'? Being among the first 50,000 people to see Will Ferrell's 'The Landlord' kidsploitation clip?"

Because if these things are great, then 2008 is already over for me. I'm like the 1,702,829th person to watch Good Neighbor Zone's "baby pretends to be a pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears" clip.

Though I'm the first to point out, if little Jamie Lynn wants to make the covers of Cookie Magazine and Teen Vogue, that better be lowfat baby food in that bag.

Pregnant Jamie Lynn Speaks Out [youtube via gawker]
Related? Maybe I've been too busy making photosets of watching paint dry

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So cute thank you for the link!

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