January 2, 2008

Don't Look For Buffy Breastfeeding: Sesame Street Launches Its Own YouTube


The quality's higher, the selection is much lower, there's no way to link directly, and you'll have to wait a few days for some hacker to devise a way to download them to your own computer or iPod. But for now, the newly launched Sesame Street Video Player is the best place to watch the classic clip of those yip yip yip yipping aliens' first encounter with a telephone. And the "Daddy Dear, Oh Daddy Dear" animation looks great.

Just beware, there's a heavy Zoey and Elmo alert in effect. Only a tiny handful of the 500 or so video segments aren't linked to one character or another in the navigation header.

Oh, and Grover starts talking as soon as the page loads up, no play button or nothin'. You may want to start with the sound off. Though you'll risk missing the first Muppet discussion of "beta versions" since OG Cookie Monster ate that computer on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Sesame Street Video Player - Beta Version [video.sesameworkshop.org via dt reader eric]

Previously: Sesame Street covers up its lone, exposed breast?

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Hopefully only a matter of time before a YGG chanel, I'm really jonesing for a new Saltines Vid.

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