January 2, 2008

A New Life Awaits Asimo In The Off-World Colonies And/Or Pasadena


And somewhere in The San Fernando Valley, a high school float committee chairman weeps, knowing that he will never again win The Crown Seal For Best Use Of Imagination And Innovation To Advance The Art Of Float Design.

This flower-coated Honda Ridgeline float transforms slooooowly from a pseudo-pickup to a pseudo-hovercraft spaceship piloted by Asimo. Check out the Vangelis-like soundtrack that kicks in near the last minute of this Jalopnik video.

Video of Honda's Transforming Rose Bowl Parade Float In Action, Shooting Flames [jalopnik]

Previously, as if from an alternate universe, even: The Ur-Ridgeline, Honda's "truck for 'cool dads'"

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