December 31, 2007

Is It Just Me, Or Does This All Look, Sound Familiar?

amazon_baby_reg.jpg boston_globe_baby_stock.jpg

So after Choire's tip about Tom's baby-in-Beijing article, the next email I opened was from Amazon, something about a baby sale. And I swear, that's the same kid in the stock photos. Am I right? I say, am I right? [1]

Also, hey-o, Amazon's baby blog is called Baby Babble? Must've been one of those great-sounding baby blog names in the air last summer, just sitting there on the whiteboard...

[1] Also, the kid has seen A Charlie Brown Christmas a grand total of twice--once with me online, once with her granddad--and since then, she marches around the house shouting this phrase into the air. Hilarious, but annoying.


different head shape.

Me: Should we get mama something special (at the grocery store)?

Kid: How about tens and twenties!?

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