December 31, 2007

Did You Know The Juno Bed?


During a regular check of the website for Danish auction house Bruun-Rasmussen, I came across this old hyper-convertible bed called the Juno Bed [ends 8 Jan., est EUR405]. Ever heard of it? I hadn't, though the creators of Denmark's current leader in the awesome crib-to-toddler-and-beyond convertible bed race, the Leander Bed sure seem to have more than a passing familiarity with the Juno Bed concept.

Now you can, too, and without buying a poorly repainted vintage model with safety rails that predate EU standards. The Juno Bed [or Juno Sengen, as it's know in Danish] first appeared in 1941-2, the creation of architect Viggo Einfeldt. Though I took a dig at the safety standards, safety was top in Einfeldt's mind as he designed the bed--the vertical gaps below appear well within the US standard of 2 3/8 inches--and according to his granddaughter, there was never an injury or infant fatality related to the Juno. [Granted, Denmark is a small country.]


The original Juno had three length settings [92cm, 105cm, and 150cm] and three rail settings [high, medium, or none]. Einfeldt marketed his expandable bed until his death in 1955; his widow discontinued the business a few years later.

Now, though, new versions of the Juno Bed have come back onto the market; it might be the untrademarkable Jenny Lind of Denmark. Alt Til Baby appears to offer Juno beds with plexiglass side panels. And Einfeldt's granddaughter's site links to Lars Kofoed Larsen as an official Juno Bed producer. Check out the rainbow of colors, whoa. Still, it all seems a little ad hoc. No wonder Leander's so popular: it's available.

Juno Sengen [, english auto-translation via]
new Juno Senge, in Danish: Lille per Seng []
Plexi Juno Sengen []

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update: Shauncherae spotted another Juno-esque bed called the Noah Senge, which is available in a sweet black, too. Awesome. 4094 kr. is about $US800, btw. Mattress not included.


Drool. That is the most lovely crib I have ever seen. How long before Ikea comes out with one?

I was going to post about a similar bed on my blog. But more people would get the info here. The Noah sengen is almost identical. The site is I think. Prices are listed, but I never checked to see if you could order through the site. Bedding seems to be available too.

What a shame, your webside is not working

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