December 28, 2007

Words Of Wisdom, Rugs From Mark Mothersbaugh

Archinect did a pretty fanboyish interview with Mark Mothersbaugh on the occasion of his rug exhibition at the Scion Gallery, and though there's no mention his Yo Gabba Gabba! appearances, Mothersbaugh shared this profound insight on the preference for subversion over rebellion:

One thing we learned from the hippies was that rebellion was obsolete. Hippies turned into safe little yuppies, and punks turned into safety pin wearing paraphernalia consumers.
And those punks will be interested to know that Mothersbaugh's rugs are priced at $275 for 22" x 34", and $850 for 4' x 6', and on up for larger sizes. Start subverting, while supplies last!

Mark Mothersbaugh: Home Front Invasion [archinect]
Actually, judging from this 1981 VW Vanagon commercial, Mothersbaugh's right: hippies=yuppies. [jalopnik]

Previously; Are You Not Mark Mothersbaugh, the Rug Artist from Yo Gabba Gabba!?

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"Look at you with your mouth waterin', look at you with your mind spinnin'" It's just the rug, it's just the ruuuug, the rug you want.


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