December 27, 2007

It's The Circle Squared Of Life By Todd St. John

hunter_gatherer_worm.jpg hunter_gatherer_bird.jpg

I was a little wary about showing the kid Circle Squared, Todd St. John's stop-action animated short commissioned by The New York Times Style Magazine. When is a kid ready for the whole life-and-death, food-chain, circle of life thing, even if it's depicted with adorable wood block animals?


Yeah, well, I guess I didn't need to worry. She asks for "the video where the lion chomps the alligator's guts" several times/day.


Personally, I'd like to see more of the sweet wooden boom box St Johns' graphic design firm Hunter Gatherer put on the cover of Money Mark's album last spring. Apparently, it came from a Giant Robot anniversary exhibition in 2004, so maybe there's hope.

Circle Squared by Todd St John and Hunter Gatherer [nyt]
Hunter Gatherer portfolio site, includes One Time Only, pointless-but-goodlooking animated shorts for Nike that remind me of an Eric Carle x Isaac Asimov mashup []

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Mmmmmm.... chomping alligator guts. Clearly you've made a good decision, because not only have you found a way to gently expose a child to the brutal facts of life, you've also managed to evoke an eloquent, blog-worthy response. Judgment = intact!

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