December 25, 2007

Are The Stores In The Soft City Open Or Closed On Boxing Day?

soft_city_toronto.jpgThe Soft City is a Toronto-based artists' collective who have charged themselves with creating and managing a cuddly plush city in miniature. Sort of a Sim City with sewing machines instead of computers:

We recognize the mutually defining relationship between the cities we live in and our selves, therefore we have constructed a soft city as a way to soften the ways we interact, understand, and live with others. We use soft materials for our plush city, such as felt and fabric for buildings, and lino prints to create windows and doors. Some of our buildings are replicas of recognizable structures and some seem to come directly from the mind of Dr. Seuss.

This cityscape, consisting of uptown and downtown districts, industrial areas, parks and residential neighborhoods is zoned out on our custom bedspread, which is a network of criss-crossing streets and sidewalks. It is a little place where one can cuddle buildings and lie down for a nap.

Though there is a plush CN Tower and the Soft City Hall looks very Torontonian, the sense I get is that Soft City is not just supposed to be Toronto, but Every City [which is so Toronto of them].

Whether that means that all the stores are forced to stay closed on Boxing Day or not, you'll just have to drive down the little felt streets tonight and look for people camped out in front of the plush version of The Bay.

Welcome To The Soft City [ via nynyny]

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that is fresh. reminds me of this you posted.

Of course the stores won't be closed on Boxing Day! That's the busiest day for shopping in Toronto. I think you are getting it confused with Good Friday, where everything, annoyingly, is closed.

[I guess I was getting Toronto confused with Newfoundland, where I hear the stores don't open. -ed.]

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