December 24, 2007

Minivan Madness Roundup: And A Flying Reindeer Edition

Christmas Eve, and all the Playmobil world is asleep under the tree. Meanwhile, minivans are on the rampage. And flying reindeer, too:

  • A Mazda MPV crashed through the wall of the studio just as Chicago's ABC7 10 o'clock news began. Jalopnik's got the live broadcast documentation. Funny stuff. [jalopnik]

  • Noticeably less funny: a Dodge Challenger hit a deer last Thursday in Wellington, Ohio, which is about midway between Cleveland and, uh, nowhere. The deer was catapulted into oncoming traffic, where it hit a Jeep Cherokee and split in two. The back half of the deer blew through the Jeep's passenger compartment, knocking the driver, 30-yo Jeremy Bradford, unconcious, and covering his wife and two kids--ages 1 and 3--with guts and blood. As of Friday, Bradford was in critical condition after being airlifted to Cleveland. [ via dt's minivan correspondent jj daddy-o]

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    Actually the article is a little ambiguous about the Dad's condition, or else I wouldn't have found it funny: In one paragraph it says he was "was flown from the scene to MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries, including cuts to his head and face" (they fly you to the hospital for "non-life-threatening injuries"?) and in the next "He was listed in critical condition Thursday night, a nursing supervisor said", so it sounds like small-town newspaper reporting to me.

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