December 21, 2007

Saks Children's Book: Happiness Comes From Clothes, Nose Jobs


What have I ever done to Saks, hmm? I mean until their Club Libby Lu started shaking their Baby Paris moneymakers in my face, I never had a bad word in my life for them. And I've been a relatively contented, if too-infrequent-for-them-to-care customer of Saks Fifth Avenue itself for years.

So what do we get in return? Snowpeople, a children's book commissioned by Saks, which tells how boring, identical snow men, snow women, and snow children from all over the world can cure their depression and find their unique identities through nose jobs--seriously--and Fifth Avenue clothes shopping sprees:

"Let's try, if we dare,
and show we TOO have individual flair!

"This year we'll be different. We'll trade in each nose.
we'll throw down our broomsticks, we'll wear fancy clothes.
And with this remark the snowpeople agreed.

"From monotonous wardrobes we all shall be FREED!"

Which dovetails quite nicely with the "Concerned" Mom/Club Libby Lu Executive who said, "Naturally, I don't like to be a follower [so come to the mall and get turned into Hannah Montana in any one of our 85 locations!]"

On the bright side, that company-wide marketing offsite last quarter sure has everyone reading off the same page. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to teach the kid how to spell Home Depot.

Read/watch Snowpeople which, except for the insidious part, is very well done []
Marketplace: Lessons of 'Snowpeople' not cool []

Previously: two Christmases ago, it was Wawa Hohhot the cashmere goat who lived on top of Saks
Club Libby Lu sucks, is defended by corporate sock puppets

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