December 20, 2007

Saks To Be You: Club Libby Lu Exec Discovers Joys Of Online Sock Puppetry

Well, if a "concerned" mom who was interested in the tween skankover mall chain Club Libby Lu because her daughter "was considering working there," and who had "read some horrible things online" took time during the busy holiday season to sing the store's praises in a nearly 800-word essay, I must be wrong, and the store must be harmless, fabulous and wonderful and a boon to young womanhood everywhere.

That, or she's a Club Libby Lu executive posing as a consumer while posting from a computer network run by Club Libby Lu's corporate parent, Saks, Inc. Wanna guess which one it is?

I'll give you a hint: the original DT post also includes first-ever analysis that shows how the CLL business has plateaued and even stagnated, which is not exactly the kind of thing you want coming up as your company's #3 Google result when you're prepping it for a sale.

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Finally, a takedown of Club Libby Lu

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The whole CLL thing just amuses the hell out of me, particularly the bizarre fervency displayed by its defenders/employees. For one thing, if CLL was always such a bastion of squeaky-clean innocence, why did they have to 86 some of the costume choices due to the parental concerns?

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