December 20, 2007

La La La La Lenin: Kevin Skinner's Artwork On eBay


Michigan illustrator Kevin Skinner has been selling original artwork on eBay to help out his brother Michael, a father of seven [!] who recently had a heart attack. 35 years old [!!]. There's none up right now, but keep watching for some sweet Clowns of the Communist Revolution propaganda posters, or one of these pieces of Muppet Propaganda, which hs become the breakout hit:

"This piece is called 'Invincible' and depicts an army of Berts, ideal soldiers for the motherland, looking ahead, undaunted, unstoppable, and slightly grumpy."

Skinner used a reductive linotype technique, recarving the printing plate for each new color, which means that after the six remaining copies are gone, that's it. Two have already sold for $149 and 200.

Check Skinner's eBay items for sale, username: nipplenugget. Hey, sometimes you go with what's available. [ebay via monoscope]

Related: Bert is Evil? Wait, I thought he was make glorious revolution!


Well, they went fast. Nothing listed anymore.

and with a reread I realize that I am an idiot as you stated there is nothing up.

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