December 19, 2007

Mo Gabba Gabba! Mo Gabba Gabba!

yo_gabba_gabba_vp_munny.jpgMike Schneider, a self-proclaimed dadblogging media whore [he writes for Variety] and huge Yo Gabba Gabba! fan, reports that the show has been picked up for a second, full season. The 20 new episodes are already in pre-production.

For season two, [co-creators Christian] Jacobs and [Scott] Schultz plan to lengthen some of the music numbers, as well as spend more time showcasing each character's personality. [Nick Jr. exec Brown] Johnson said the channel is also doing focus group research with kids to get their take on what works on the show.
Also on tap, more licensing:
Meanwhile, merchandising will kick into high gear next year...

The new batch includes 40 licenses in a wide range of categories, including homevideo (via Paramount), music (with Columbia Records), publishing (Simon & Schuster) and a master toy license (Spinmaster). [One-time Muppet monetizer and Wild Brain CEO Charles] Rivkin said items as diverse as bedding and home furnishings should hit stores by next Christmas.

Now it's time for "Fun With [Media Industrial Com]Plex!"
It's fun to build a multi-channel, money-printing, media behemoth!
It's fun to build a multi-channel, money-printing, media behemoth!
It's fun to build a multi-channel, money-printing, media behemoth!
And this is how we do it!

Nick Jr. Grabs More 'Gabba' [ via, thanks jason]
image: YGG! one-off Brobee-Munny plush/vinyl doll at a Kidrobot show last Jan. Ah, we were all so innocent then. []


I'm so glad to hear this, because:

I am so glad to hear this! We have all of the episodes saved on our DVR, but they are getting old, even for our short attention span two year old.

I hope they keep it just like it is, fresh, funky, and cool.

Personally, I can't wait for the merchandise to start showing up on the store shelves.

[it's fun to put on your official YGG! pajamas! -ed.]

We've surrendered to the gabba machine, my little one loves the show. It is some whacky crazy fun at times.

In a few short weeks we went from 90% SS and 10% YGG to 100% YGG (in out house its become "Yo Gabby Gabby"). Fine with me becuase if I heard Elmo's computer blather on one more time I would put a hit out on our little friend.

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