December 19, 2007

In The Garden Of Playmobil, Baby, Don't You Know That I Lo-ove You?

Seriously, why did I ever doubt that, when it came to plastic play gardens, no one could beat Playmobil? The suggestions for different Playmobil garden options took over my inbox yesterday like kudzu engulfing a Georgia Tech co-ed's parked car during Spring Break. True, some sets are discontinued, and most have parts so small, they're not even choking hazards so much as "get lost in the flokati rug" hazards. Still, for your shoppertainment, here are a few of the options:

#3134, Superset Flower Garden, which kind of reminds me of the deck Matt Haughey built in his backyard. Sadly, the former is discontinued while the latter is going strong.


#4481, the Green House was the one we went with, not because you can plant actual seeds in it, but because, unlike #4482, Plant Beds with Shed, it has flower pots. Though the shed would match the kid's Playmobil Porta-Potty quite nicely.



#4484, Flower Shop, has no dirt, which was a specific request. And while I saw #4480, Garden Center, at Kid-O in NYC over the weekend, it was really too big.


Putting it all in one spot like this, the whole thing makes me want to get Playmobil #44XX, Tank Full Of Round-Up.

update: whoa, what a chump. I purposely did not link to any particular retailers on this post, but I just realized what a shellacking I took from Kazoo Toys, a Denver outfit where I ordered the kid's Green House. I just got a shipping notice that says they charged me $30 for shipping and handling. I could've sworn it said $8.95 when I ordered. Anyway, I need to pay more attention to these things.


"Playmobil #44XX, Tank Full Of Round-Up"

You could get the playmobil Haz-Mat workers to go with it. :)

all this playmobile talk makes me want to go dig through my parents basement and see if my circa 1980 set of cowboys and indians is collecting dust somewhere...

All this Playmobil stuff is awesome, but it's not very satisfyingly tactile. If your daughter wants "plastic dirt" that she can sink her fingers into, this won't do it for her. I'm going to guess that you'll have to make something yourself if you want the "true dirt" experience replicated with polymers.

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