December 11, 2007

eBay Scoutabout: Bug Bags, Netto, Some Sand Thing

Some of the finer kid-related things on eBay at the moment:

  • Some knucklehead's selling a Bugaboo Frog travel bag in perfect, unused condition? Why the heck did he get it in the first place? Funny ad, though. Totally cracks me up. Current bid is just $20, that's an unbelievably low price for an item that retails for $120. And yet, no reserve price! Crazy days.
  • v Wow, a whole David Netto nursery? Don't see that every day [on eBay, anyway]. The crib and changing table both have a bit of wear on the lacquer edge, but the dresser looks pretty solid. Opening bid for each item is $499, and the seller's saying local pickup only [in Santa Monica]. The furniture auctions all end Dec. 21.
  • There's a flood of cool-looking Creative Playthings toys out right now. I just got outbid on a new-in-box American Indian playset, complete with pemmican on the drying rack [very rare.] But there's a steam roller and a plane, and an awesome sand machine of some kind [above], which is already up to $51. Yeesh.


    I'm a knucklehead, too. I bought a Bugaboo travel bag and never used it, so I sold it on eBay -- new in the box. I never took the Bugaboo on a trip.

    [we took the thing around the world, but hey-o! It has wheels on the bottom! and a handle! -ed.]

    Also guilty of buying a Bug bag that has never been used. We've certainly travelled with the stroller (we're up to 12 flights just this year, and have another trans-Atlantic flight before the month is out), but when we bought the bag we didn't realise just how cumbersome the bag itself is, nor how much the stroller would need to be broken down to fit into it. We've always gate-checked, and it would simply take too much effort to lug the bag through the airport and then dismantle the stroller in the 23-second head start of pre-boarding. Been thinking of selling it on EBay, too, although the airline we fly with most often will now only gate-check umbrella strollers, so maybe we'll need it yet...

    {huh what?? Only gatecheck umbrella strollers?? -ed.]

    Reserve prices almost always depress the bidding, and it seems like every time I see one it's been set unrealistically high. Unless you're selling something real obscure, your item will sell for what it's worth.

    Yup. Good old Air Canada. You'll need to scroll down, but their 'stroller policy' (now complete with photos) is at They changed it only a few months ago, and we found out by coincidence when my parents were flying with them. Plus, strollers and carseats now count in the baggage allowance, if checked. I think we'll have to reconsider flying with WestJet when we're flying within Canada.

    Sorry, maybe a syntax thing: AC will allow only umbrella strollers to be gatechecked, not that umbrella strollers will be transported only through a gatecheck. All non-umbrella strollers must be checked like regular baggage.

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