December 6, 2007

Mr. McFeelgood? Sesame Street/How They Make Pills Mashup

So the kid's sitting on the floor, breaking all her crayons, and I'm all, "Dude."

And she's all, "I want to see what's inside."

And I'm all, "Do you remember how they make crayons? Has YouTube taught you nothing?" [OK, I didn't say that last part.]

So we watch the classic Sesame Street "How they make crayons" video--which is back, after disappearing for a while--and we learn what's inside crayons: crayons.

And then I find this hilarious remix/mashup of the Street and a corporate video, and we learn what's inside jittery people: lots and lots of pharmaceuticals.

Crayon Music Remix [youtube]

1 Comment

One of my all time favorite Sesame segments!

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