December 4, 2007

TchotchkeWatch: Alessi Modern Nativity Set

One of my earliest memories of visiting my grandparents' house was the veritable army of porcelain figurines that filled the tables and shelves. [The Hummels were behind glass.] There were these French poodles, where the puppies' collars were chained to the mom's collar, and when you'd pick it up, they'd all clink together, which'd bring an adult running.

When the kid and I were in Utah this past summer, I made a point to give her a tour of the tchotchkes, and to turn on the light inside that one table so she could see how the crazy wrought iron flowers light up.


I point this out so you know I'm not opposed to ticky tacky little porcelain dolls in general. It's just that, in my mind, they belong at Grandma's house. And if Grandma doesn't have her own subscription to Wallpaper*, then the only way she'll get one of these Alessi nativity sets is if you give it to her.

Presepe/Nativity Group by Massimo Giacon for Alessi, $92 [unicahome via mod*mom and droolicious]

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As a non-religious type this is the cutest darn nativity set I've ever seen. I'd actually put this on my mantel. But the price seems a bit high for someone who isn't going to worship it.

[if someone is worshipping the Fisher-Price nativity set, or better yet, this S'mores nativity set, I apologize for LOL'ing at your their religious practice. -ed.]

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