December 3, 2007

Takashi Shinozaki's Rebis Rocker And Plant's Kasten Shelves


During the Tokyo Design Week festivities, Takashi Shinozaki of Asterisk Studio debuted his Rebis Rocker, along with his 270-Degree Series of wraparound shelf and table units, at a joint exhibition called Prototypes in Minami Aoyama. The show included works from fellow independent designers at Camp and Plant. The rocker is cool, but in this time of modular storage need, Plant's simple ply gridwall is rocking my world.


If I read this right, Camp fabricated the furniture for everyone, so it's a close-knit little group. The wood and MDF Asterisk pieces will be made as a limited edition. No word on the Plant stuff, but if the cost of shipping is a concern for you, I would suggest not buying your handmade plywood furniture in the heart of Tokyo.

Asterisk Studio Prototypes []
Prototypes on Camp's blog []
Plant is Makishi Nami and Mizoguchi Satoko []


Damn, I knew I should have hit the Aoyama show too... but I was busy in Shibuya discovering the magic of Cold Stone Creamery, Japanese-style! :)

[i'm sure the add-ins were exquisitely mixed. that seems like it'd a year's worth of ice cream for the avg. japanese. -ed.]

They actually manage to train the staff to look like they're doing it haphazardly. Of course being Japan, they probably make the EXACT same random-looking shape every time. :)

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