December 2, 2007

O Holy Moley, The Playmobil Nativity Set


I don't know why Playmobil can still surprise me with the exhaustiveness of their playsets.

The Playmobil Nativity Set's not even new; it's been around since at least 2003 [that's the date of the first Amazon review, anyway.] Though I'm pleased and slightly disturbed by these, I'd be stoked to see someone else's religious traditions turned into plastic toys: say, the Hindi pantheon, or Buddha's enlightenment, or maybe the coronation ceremony of the Dalai Lama [how sweet would a Playmobil/Scorsese's Kundun mashup be?] Then let's see the Playmobil Amish barnraising, or the Playmobil assault on Masada? A Playmobil Zen monastery?

For the moment, at least, the real world is once again larger than its relentlessly smiley, claw-handed simulacrum.

Buy a Playmobil Nativity Set, #5719, pronto. $29 or $18, huh? [amazon]
There's also a Playmobil Noah's Ark, #3255. Wow, it's huge. $74 [amazon]


We gave up on Playmobil because the pieces of buildings, accessories and so on, pop off at the slightest opportunity. I've had only limited success super-gluing the castle together, and my nearly-6 twins find it very frustrating.

They're very pretty sets, though.

Over the weekend I caught a choice few seconds of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and the question was, "Which of the following Playmobil sets does not exist?"
a. Playmobil stripper complete with pole
b. Playmobil toxic waste clean-up set
c. Argh, can't remember.

I'm happy to report that the stripper set does not exist (yet).

I want to buy a Playmobil toy store playset where my Playmobil people can buy Playmobil toy store playsets.

[It feels like I've seen that somewhere, actually... -ed.]

Well, they already make the arena and lions, you know...

I would totally buy all the play sets you mentioned.

that's elaborate! i like the pink dress on the king
have you seen this one yet?

[madre de dios, that's awesome. step-padre de dios, too, I guess. -ed.]

We got this set when it came out, and I love it - it was the perfect, irreverent set for our modern home. Not so sure if my husband engaging the Three Wise Men in hand-to-hand combat with each other was exactly what Playmobil had in mind, though...

they do playsets for your Playmobil people here...

[those are awesome. -ed.]

Good morning.

Where I can find this toy for buy?

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