December 1, 2007

Ellinor Rocking Sofa Has Heirloom Right In The Name


The Ellinor rocker is made in Sweden by Heirloom, and from the sound of it, it lives up to its name and its $1500-2000 price tag. The spare, Scandinavian modern styling is built to last for generations using dovetailed oak, walnut or birch. The soft construction is old-school, too, with jute, horsehair, and cotton wadding; the vegetable-tanned leather is available in two standard colors or your own custom shade.

The Heirloom line includes regular seating options and a matching magazine/coffee table and sideboard with rounded, child-friendly corners. But the standout has to be the two-seat Ellinor Rocking Sofa, a substantial, investment-grade piece of furniture which holds not just the kid, but his entire family of dolls and stuffed animals, too. It is 22 inches high and 30 inches wide.

Heirloom Furniture site [via notcot]
the entire Heirloom Collection is carried at Swedish online design retailer for USD757-2,057 []
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There are a couple of additional shots after the jump.



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