November 29, 2007

Is The Ikea Trofast From Changing Table Heaven?


Erika Pekkari's Trofast cradle/crib/kid-sized sofa is one of those examples of Ikean plain pine brilliance which, because it went out of production before we ever set foot in the kid's department, was not available to those of us who didn't start procreating until the mid-00's. But the Trofast Changing Table is still with us. How is it?

Looking at in online, the plain pine boxiness looks damn near perfect, frankly, as if Donald Judd were still with us, at-home dadding it now. But that's online. I have a nagging feeling that I've seen this thing in person and not liked it. Does it hold up on closer inspection? Does that particleboard back kill it?

At $123, it's still 2.5x more expensive than our red steel tool cart changing table, which is not getting wheeled to the curb any time soon. But I know the pain of missing out on a Trofast, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. If you have this thing, and it doesn't remind you of that 9 euro/night hostel you ended up in in Amsterdam, I'd love to hear about it. [The changing table, that is, not your backpacking antics.]

Trofast Changing Table, $123 [ikea]
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We pondered this as a dresser/changing area for Newbie when we were still considering putting him/her in with Monster. See, Monster has his dad's 20 year old Trofast modular dresser/desk set up so this, combined with the blue or white buckets or drawers would have matched well.

One problem is that without said buckets or drawers, you would have no storage space on the change table, which would make it pretty useless. I guess the shelves would work too.

You also don't have to put the particleboard back on. It adds nothing to the stability.

When our dresser/changing table hadn't arrived by the time our son had, I had to run out to ikea to find an interim solution. I settled on the FÖRHÖJA kitchen cart instead of the trofast changer. the cart has two drawers so you can keep a stash of diapers at hand, and it is deep enough to hold a standard diaper changing pad, and is wide enough to hold the pad and a bin of wipes on the top. the shelves below hold other supplies. and it was only about $75. And the cart was on wheels so we can move it around if needed.

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