November 28, 2007

Tobifant: Luigi Colani's Knock-Together Activity Table

I am familiar with the work of Pablo Neruda. The work of Luigi Colani, not so much. I did think I'd ferreted out most all of the kid-related design from the online archives of the incomparable German design magazine,...
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As Not Seen In Details Magazine: Scientists Begin Studying How To Raise Good Kids

Does no one in the University of Nebraska - Lincoln cognitive psych department read Details magazine?? Professor Gustavo Carlos et al's newly published research on the impact of various parenting styles and behaviors is based on the assumption that parents...
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While You Were Watching Sesame Street, Luigi Colani Reinvented The Plastic Stacking Chair Several Times

I don't know what you were up to, but somehow I doubt your 1970's were as full of design revolutionizing as Luigi Colani's. If only the 1973 oil embargo hadn't thrown the polyethylene furniture business into the furnace, I'm...
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Details Knows Its Readers Very, Very, Very Well.

I can't believe I ever actually wrote for a Conde Nast magazine. And not just once, either, repeatedly. What an embarrassment. The title of one of the cover stories in this month's issue of Details magazine caught my attention, just...
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