November 27, 2007

Speaking Of Ristomatti Ratia, Check Out This Kid's Bed


A household name from Finland to Estonia, Ristomatti Ratia is one of the most cut-n-pastable designers working today. Ratia is not resting on his laurels for having created the Palaset storage cube system. His studio is keeping busy with designs for the bedroom, kitchen, bath and sauna; with 'products inspired by and created from childrens’ stories, which we will also write." [can't find those yet, anyone?]; and hopefully with getting this sweet-looking bed/fort with a sliding pegboard door, first seen at the Hämeenlinna Finnish Housing Fair, out the door as promised, "later in 2007."

I tried looking for it on a couple of Finnish retail sites, but all the umlauts crashed my browser; for all I know, it's the most popular kid's bed in Finland by now.

Ristomatti Ratia and Ratia Home []


It's unlikely that it is selling like hotcakes in Finland as few have the kind of money one needs to spend on such, *cough*, design. His mother was the founder of Marimekko, fine designer of kitchen curtain fabrics that now sell as though they were woven gold at 60 euro or more per metre. I'd guess that bed would run in the neighbourhood of 2500 euro. For babies who get their start with a bed made out of cardboard with a foam mattress (really, 'the box' is a cherished gift to every mother) it would likely be seen as a ridiculous luxury by most. :)

[how do you say 'the box' in Finnish?? -ed.]

I'd just like to know if you can lock the bed door?


I love it! Think I could make one with a skill saw and router?

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