November 26, 2007

Ninna-Nanna Inna Canada: Sweet Bassinet From Monte Design

Classic: "We don’t believe that bassinets should look like poufy 1980’s wedding dresses." When they launched last year--in part, by advertising on Daddy Types, hey-o!--Monte Design Studio hit the baby industrial complex in a real weak spot: the hideous...
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Does USAir Forbid FAA-Approved CARES Safety Harnesses?

DT reader Darren and his gang are planning a trip to France and Switzerland soon, and he was considering putting his kid in a CARES Safety Harness--which is FAA-approved--rather than haul a freakin' car seat around the Alps on a...
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The Show, DVD's, And Licensed Merchandise Deals Must Go On

When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And when you're an Irwin, everything looks like an awareness-building merchandising opportunity, I guess. Eight-year-old Bindi Irwin, who grew up on camera the family's televised zoo/set, mourns her late father...
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This Is The Sign For 'Real Estate Envy'

As a perk of his wife's job, Bill Eville and his family live in pre-war, parklike splendor in the heart of Chelsea cathedral-like splendor near Columbia at the Union Theological Seminary. [I assume the picture at left was taken either...
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DT Checklist: Fixing Torn Bugaboo Foam?

H is for Holy Crap, we're gonna have another kid in a few weeks. My wife's now solidly in the Alien stage, where you can see her belly writhing from across the room. Superficially speaking, we're ready for the new...
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