November 25, 2007

Sweet Creative Playthings Trove From Finland Via Texas


Just in time for the holidays, eBay seller twobluepups posted a great-looking trio of vintage Creative Playthings wooden toy lots. All the auctions end Dec. 3rd.


The two Playtown sets are in good condition and complete with the box, even.


and there's a grab bag round up of vehicles, 8 pieces in all, including a CP steamroller. [The red-painted bus says Gemla on the front, which is either a reference to the old Gemla Toy Company, or to the Swedish town which is home to Micki, the maker of Ikea's wooden train sets. See, even if you don't bid, you win--by learning something!]

Creative Playthings PLAYTOWN GARAGE 69 Vintage FINLAND, currently $10+$12.41 s/h
Creative Playthings PLAYTOWN MARINA 69 Vintage FINLAND, currently $10+12.41 s/h
Creative Playthings 14 PC LOT VEHICLES BOAT STEAMROLLER, currently $16+s/h

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Just got a bunch of these (and the "Thin Arch" you posted about elsewhere) in a box at a resale shop with some Brio parts (that's what I was going for) and some super-ancient Brio trains. I'm also in Texas, coincidentally. I'm having fun with the trains with my toddler, and my father's going to clean up the vehicles (in pretty sorry shape) for my daughter and my nephew. Good to see more of them online - and very good to see the ad for the "Thin Arch", so I know what in the world these semicircles hanging out in the train box were designed for! Guess I'll hold onto them until I find out if the kidlets are interested in them at all.

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