November 24, 2007

Babyhood Camo And/Or Lace Bugaboo Canopies From Holland


It's one of the darnedest things about the Netherlands. On the one hand, the country's pumping out more edgy furniture and product designs than sea water. And yet when you tool around the country, like 80% of the houses have tacky, grandma-ish lace doily curtains hanging in the window.

Now those two seemingly disparate Dutch worlds have been brought together by the creator of the Babyhood, an aftermarket canopy for the Bugaboo. There's a camo version [I'm not counting the blue or pink camo], which I'm guessing has a suitably authentic Dutch pattern. But there's also a white eyelet lace hood, which is the Dutch-cheesiest-looking thing this side of the Bugaboo By. It almost, almost works.

No idea if they ship outside NL, but Babyhoods are EUR60 before you subtract the VAT []

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