November 24, 2007

Azuuuuul! La Familia Lucha


Heart KB's family portrait, photographed by Ray Zimmerman is one of the most popular mom photos on flickr. Considering it was taken in August 2003, I expect they don't need a baby-sized El Demonio Azul mask anymore. But keep your eyes peeled, just in case.

Where can we find a baby mexican wrestling mask? [<3 KB's flickr stream via fffound]
related: Dr Moz did a lucha libre kidstuff roundup [deardrmoz]

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We did a post a few weeks a go I think you'll enjoy. It includes a great collection of links to luchador mask sources for toddlers and various Lucha Libra inspired gear for infants. (click "Dr.MOZ" for direct link)

The nappa leather baby wrestling boots with full laces...awesome factor "10".


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