November 23, 2007

H Is For Holy Crap, By Marc Johns

After he made this Post-it Note drawing, Canadian [!] artist and father of two Marc Johns wondered, "Maybe I should do the whole alphabet."

Obviously, he should.

Because H is also for How do you get anything done with two kids running around?

As his wife, the painter Kristen Johns explained in this interview about an exhibition last spring,

Marc does a lot of drawing with a flashlight! Every night he sits in the dark, on the floor of our little boy's bedroom and waits for him to fall asleep; it's the perfect quiet time in Marc's day to draw and let the ideas flow.
I used to be able to get work done during naptime, but I lost that time when preschool started. But nighttime for me feels like the time to clear the deck of all the stuff I didn't get to during the day, but by then I'm too zoned out to work.

And so we're back to H is for holy crap again.

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