November 21, 2007

Vintage Pop-Up Book Teaches Important Lessons On Global Climate Change, Natural Selection

When the polar bears are all gone, new parents in the very near future will need something to help kids understand why. Rudolf Lukes' and George Theiner's sweet-looking 1964 pop-up book, The Little Polar Bear Who Didn't Want To Learn To Swim, should fit the bill quite nicely.

If we want to escape the righteous condemnation of future generations, then, it behooves us, the new parents of today, to act now by preserving every copy we can.

Pricing it at a steep $75 on Abebooks should help. [abebooks]
The Little Polar Bear by Rudolf Lukes photoset [flickr, via grainedit]

1 Comment

Awesome book.. Thanks for the post! I'm buying one to give to my duaghter who is a second grade teacher!

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