November 21, 2007

Muji - 455 Broadway Below Grand - NO

A changing table is first on a long list of things the store doesn't have, 2-100 being the toys and gifts and remotely kid-related things from Muji @ MoMA.

We knew going in that Muji would not be bringing their baby or kid gear or clothing lines to the US [they're not in the European stores, either, really]. But still, it came as something of a surprise/letdown. Presumably, the 2.5x bigger store in the New York Times building will have something.

Not that we left empty-handed, of course; I got some new travel shampoo bottles [a 40% markup from the Japanese price, btw] and a sweater of boiled and/or felted wool that everyone agreed [a little too quickly] looked like it's made out of dryer lint. And there's an ironing board, which I left for a later visit.


I just blogged about this issue too. I'm trying to get a list of Bad Airports (and good) that don't offer equal rights on this front. You would think that putting a silly plastic changing table were nothing short of brain surgery.

I'm heading out to Paris tomorrow and now you've made me curious as to what the Muji in Paris has (besides those cute wooden Paris city toys without an Eiffel Tower to be found).


[Paris in a bag should have an Eiffel tower. You should take it back if it's missing. -ed.]

I'm with you. We found ourselves with a rare Sunday afternoon with nothing to do and I told the boy that if he accompanied me to the MUJI store, he could get a toy. Needless to say - I couldn't shop at all because there were no toys and someone wouldn't let me hear the end of it until we walked up to Pearl River Mart and got him some wiggly jellyfish thing. Luckily, we didn't have to wait to get in and just walked into the store - when we left (10 minutes later) there was a line down the block.

[obviously, we both should've gone to Little Marc, which also opened last weekend. oh well. -ed.]

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