November 21, 2007

Brooklyn-Made Organic T-Shirts By Winter Water Factory


I know, I know, throw a rock in Brooklyn these days, and you'll hit an organic t-shirt printer or a vinyl toy designer. Still, only a couple of them are on Supermarket, the flyover-free etsy alternative for the borough's design professionals.

The numbers on Winter Water Factory's Count Up shirt remind me of the end of the classic Grace Slick "Jazzy Spies" segments on Sesame Street. So even though they're available in sizes from 0-3m to 2T, this shirt is not appropriate for today's children.

Buy a "Count Up" t-shirt, $29, all sizes, at Supermarket []
Or be OG about it, and buy a "Numbers" t-shirt, $34, 0-3m and 3-6m directly []

Previously: Sesame Street "Jazzy Spies"

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