November 19, 2007

Shrek Is New Zealand's Most Famous Sheep? Dreamworks Is So Busted

When Shrek the merino sheep first fled the flock in the year 3 B.L.O.T.R. [ie., 1998], New Zealand was best known for, uh, kiwi fruit? Dancing rugby players? Having more sheep than people? Frankly, I can't tell you. But when...
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The Racings Snails Of Thingamababy County

On the subject of snails, I'm neither here nor there, unless they're roasted in garlic butter, then I'm all for them. AJ, on the other hand, is to snails what Mark Twain is to jumping frogs. We have no...
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Castor & Chouca: Le Bambou Crib Hyper-Chouette

When the in-laws were singing the praises of Takashima-ya's new baby boutique, they kept coming back to the crib. It has these wonderful Plexiglass portholes, said my father-in-law, are you sure you don't need it? Sure enough, it was...
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Hmm. Dadblogs Available For Subscription On The Amazon Kindle e-Reader

Hello, slightly random-looking, e-ink-based, wireless, e-book reading device from Amazon. Amazon wants to sell you a Kindle for $400, then sell you digital books and subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, and blogs [?!] to read on it. The content is delivered...
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Yotsubato Danbo Amazon Robot Toy Is Like Five Kinds Of Otaku

I tell you, you gotta watch out for the robots, they're turning up everywhere. This toy cardboard robot named Danbo was commissioned by Amazon Japan from Azuma Kiyohiko, the creator of the manga character Yotsuba-chan who lives with her...
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NYT: The Street Is No Place For Children

To the eye-rolling amusement of the parents who grew up on the stuff, NY Times TV critic Virginia Heffernan writes about the ironic warning label on the just-released Volume 2 of Sesame Street: Old School:These early ‘Sesame Street’ episodes are...
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In Greece They Do Potty Training The Old-Fashioned Way

They urn it. [Sorry, long weekend.] Tech exec Bill Bliss snapped this at the Agora museum in Athens. My question: is that image of mom & kid for real? Because it looks made up. Boingboing has a larger version. Of...
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