November 16, 2007

And In Other Amazingly Chic Skate News...


Whenever I see a Peg Perego stroller on the street, I say to myself, "Gee, I haven't written anything about them lately and/or ever. I wonder if they'll ever snap out of that traditional pram-like legacy design funk they're in?"

And now Peg has done it; they've broken the mold with the Skate, a thoroughly innovative, paradigm-shifting, never-before-seen structurally daring desi--oh, wait, they just painted the underseat frame black.

Also, this fabulously chic, fashionable stroller is only available on Paradise Island:

Why stroll when you can Skate?
Mothers know that it takes a lot to care for baby, and Peg Perego wants to make it easier, smarter and more stylish!
The new Peg Perego Skate is as practical as it is fashionable. With two-in-one versatility, Skate effortlessly transforms from a carriage to a stroller. Whether you’re exploring the neighborhood or strolling about town, Skate is the perfect way to transport baby and look fabulous while doing it, thanks to its amazingly chic design and fashionable collections!
Hmm. Makes me feel better about ignoring them back.

Uh, maybe because I don't have a uterus? Why Stroll When You Can Skate? []


I am so disappointed. With a name like Skate, I thought it might actually...skate. Which would have been awesome.

I agree, but from now on you are absolutely forbidden to use the phrase "this fabulous chic" when you mean to say "MILF".

Oh wait...there's a stroller?

[SILP? -ed.]

I'm not going along with the snark here. The Skate does three things I've been eager to see -- it folds with the seat attached, the seat height is adjustable, and the switch from infant carriage to stroller uses only one seat unit. That just about covers everything on my list -- assuming the chassis rolls as well as every other Perego I've owned.

Looks to me as if this might out-bug the Bug, with the added thrill of a little Xplory functionality. Be still, my heart!

Anybody seen it in person yet?

If it doesn't fly, then I'm not impressed...

I'm with Curator. I love my Bug, but have often wished for a one-piece fold. This one does it.

What would really convince me to buy this stroller is if pushing it would give me a post-partum body like hers.

now this is a skate...

I really like the design and functionality of the Skate - but it weighs 16 kg, about 33 pounds... Well, while pushing it this won´t be a matter, but if you have to carry it up some stairs... it weighs nearly as much as two bugaboos.

I like the Bug better also. My sons have everything in a bug theme. I just bought them a new book, Ladybug Baby Bug, by Janice and Mark Perkins. As a heads-up, my wife saw it in an ad in Parenting magazine and 20% of the profits go back to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. I bought it online at and highly recommend it for your infants or preschoolers at home. They can read about a bug while riding in a bug!!!

ahem...the Toro already folds with the seat attached, has an adjustable height seat, and seat the can be folded flat for pram-like nap-ability.

speaking of things to read in your bug, there's a children's literary magazine called BabyBug. It's from the publishers of Cricket. It's like a monthly board book with great art.

Mark, I have a Toro and you're right except the part about the adjustable height seat (I'm not sure what you mean by this, but the Toro seat doesn't do anything but recline).

Yeah, the Toro's seat isn't height adjustable, and the carriage body is a separate piece. But the killer for me is the Micralite handles -- I find them really uncomfortable to use.

The 2008 Toros I believe have height adjustment like this stroller. I saw them at the ABC Kids Expo and they did the same thing.

ok, so I know Peg Perego is marketed as Mamas & Papas in the UK
but is the new M&P Ziko Herbie the anglicised version of the Skate?

If so, how come your handle is Buggier than ours?

[marketing. actually, it's a different stroller entirely, though it looks like the Skate frame could've been made by flipping the Ziko frame around endwise. -ed.]

I purchased the Bug Frog in 11.07. The baby came out and the bug came out. And you need like a semi just to take the bug out with the basinette. Saw the skate and fell in love immediately, now I skate around folks with bug and squash them like bugs.

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