November 16, 2007

And In Other Amazingly Chic Skate News...

Whenever I see a Peg Perego stroller on the street, I say to myself, "Gee, I haven't written anything about them lately and/or ever. I wonder if they'll ever snap out of that traditional pram-like legacy design funk they're...
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DT Headline Roundup: Do Unto Others Edition

Clearing the browser tabs before a weekend with the grandparents: Chick-Fil-A manages to bum out yet another family with their freebie toys. I didn't call a company spokesman, but I expect they'd point out that, for us sinners, no meal...
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SkateLab Furniture

Dear SkateLab Furniture publicists, Thanks for your email. But if this is another one of those "world's leading designer of copper-and-slate fountains sells his company to raise his daughter Ava, but can't get the design bug out of his...
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Holy Land, Batman! Check Out These Other Pastel Toys!

So I may have been a little too cynical last night in my post about how Pastel Toys are produced. Turns out there actually is a remarkable, harmonious, nurturing village in Israel where community members of all races, religions,...
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