November 15, 2007

Pastel Toys: What's So Fun About Peace, Love & Understanding?


Not only will the classic-styled, wooden toys of Pastel Toys entertain your child with hours of open-ended, imaginative play--most of it about Diehard [L] or the Trojan War [R], probably--they'll bring peace and harmony to the cradle of Western Civilization:

When you buy this toy horse by Pastel Toys, you do much more than make a difference in the life of a child. Pastel Toys are created in an Israeli village by special-needs adults striving to live an independent life. The villagers, Arabs and Jews, Moslems and Christians all contribute to a thriving work and community life.
Which sounds like a carefully parsed sentence that doesn't indicate any kind of actual cross-cultural or ecumenical co-operation, just the usual, "You close your shop on Friday; we'll close our shop on Saturday" kind of parallel existence. Who knows?

Pastel Toys Horse and Helicopter, $25 each. There's a giraffe, too [ via dt reader sara]

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