November 14, 2007

Little Marc Jacobs Store Part Of Giant West Village Takeover

Little Marc, the most important children's clothing line in Manhattan parenting history, will finally get its own store, offering the full range of cashmere casual fashion for kids 0-12 years old.

When it opens by the end of the month, the shop on West 4th and Bank St will be the 45th Marc Jacobs boutique to open in the West Village this year. Finally, someone is willing to make a commitment to support this overlooked, underappreciated gem of a neighborhood hidden right here in front of us.

MarcPacking District: Get Ready For Marc Jr. [racked]

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and the bad: Little Marc gift box at Colette is a desperate cry for help


Thank God for Marc Jacobs! I've been looking for a $400 cashmere hoodie for my daughter. Searched everywhere but just couldn't find it.

Ugh...I think I'm going to hurl.

Is that now FIVE stores he's got in the West Village? Somebody needs to stop this man. Fast.

[I only hope they'll finally have hoodies in more than five colors. I mean, there are seven days IN A WEEK. -ed.]

we used to live right down the street from the bleecker MJ emporium. with Kido, Yoya Mart and now little marc, its a mecca for overpriced items you will use for 6 months. i say that having received a cashmere sweater for our daughter (not mj) from a rich aunt, and she wore it for 6 mos almost everyday. we have decided it is not too girly to let the boy wear it too.

To add insult to injury, every day I walk by the new Marc Jacob's boutique on the corner of Bank and West Fourth, the basement hatch is open. Yes, they have two bright orange cones alerting the public that the door is open but with all of the toddling kids around here someone is bound to go careening in. Morbid, maybe, but they need to be stopped. I left a message for the store manager. Everyone is so "nice" in the store but they are totally ineffective.

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