November 14, 2007

Bocós: The Blocks From Brazil

Bocós, originally uploaded by Gizo.

These sweet, screenprinted blocks put fresh characters and graphics into a classic, mix-and-match format.

Designers from the Brazilian firm Estudio Mopa, including Rogério Lionzo, Felipe Cavalcante, Alline Luz, and Daniel Gizo, collaborated on the series, called, Boco. They were presented last year at Mocotoy, the "first Brazilian Toy Art Exhibition" [note to self: Google "Mocotoy"]. In addition to doing work for MTV Brasil and the like, Mopa turns out to be friends with Friends With You and other indie toy folks.

Team Boco is currently/still looking for production. [via andy] Estudio Mopa's website makes no Boco mention []

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