November 14, 2007

A Rabbi And Martha Stewart Walk Into A Bar Mitzvah

Oy gevalt, if ever there was a magazine crying out for a mensch's touch, it's Jewish Living. Just check out this subheading:

It's not enough that you just brought home a beautiful baby boy--now you have to throw a party? These eight essentials demystify the mitzvah so your bris can be a breeze.
And "Where do you stand on metzitza, the Talmudic requirement to suck blood from the wound?" is only #2 of seven essential questions for your mohel?? Hello, what's #1?!?!

Hilarious photo, though. That mohel does nice work.

Jewish Living: It's A G-d Thing! [gawker]

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Circumcision is responsible for the deaths of 117 neonatal children every year in the USA, claiming more lives than sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). (Source: Thymos: Journal of Boyhood Studies)

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Circumcision of male children to prevent penile cancer and cervical cancer is not recommended. (Source: 1996 Letter from the American Cancer Society to the American Academy of Pediatrics)

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