November 13, 2007

so tired. so so tired.

holy smokes, I'm tired. I'd ask when it all stops, and I can take a break, but we've got the other kid coming in like eight weeks now. plus the book, the house, the holidays, and on and on and on.


our second is 3 days old. I am sitting in our driveway as our 19mo old now refuses to go to sleep unless we drive her around. I know it is hard to believe, but already I can say: you aint seen nothin yet. i just keep thinking that it cant get much more exhausting, and then it does. luckily we are both taking 3 months off, plus we are in NZ.
now whats this about a book? have i missed something?

[dude, congratulations, sorry to hear you're driving around the Shire, though, and sorry to hear exactly what I was thinking about the whole exhaustion thing. -ed.]

At 1 1/2 months, I can say things are starting to get better... the relentless pursuit of the first kid is still what wears me out the most...

But, yeah, just wait until the second one comes if you think you are tired now... you, my kids are a few years apart (if memory serves, you daughter is 3? My son just turned four before #2 arrived six weeks ago). Unlike poor Daniel above, I think we have a bit of a advantage because our older kids are pretty reliably sleeping through the night and we've hopefully recovered from the first round of sleep deprivation a few years back.

Having said that, it was predictably awful to go from getting plenty of sleep back to getting no sleep.

I have four words that keep me sane: Thank Goodness for Preschool.

I thought I knew what tired was ... after number 2 came along, I realized that having one was a cakewalk and that I was a fool for complaining at all. It is getting easier as they get a little older and play with each other, but that first year or so, made me appreciate the time I had with my daughter.

dudes, the negativity! is this a guy thing? where is greg's pep talk?? where do we tell him that EVENTUALLY he will sleep, that seeing how MUCH you can love two little people is a miracle, that after the initial exhaustion the kids quickly start to entertain each other, for longer and longer periods of time, thus giving the parents a bit of a break, and that the way #2 watches #1 with the adulation of a 70s teen at a david cassidy concert and #1 just kvells with the honor and responsibility of big-siblingdom is the coolest thing in the world? (and book?? new house?? as well as kid?? mazel tov on the trifecta!)

[yeah, I'm not really so down about the coming exhaustion so much as exhausted by the present exhaustion, which is mostly furniture and packing and home repair-related. -ed.]

Hey, we are in the same boat - we are having our second kid early January. Oh, and we live in DC.

Roo's 3 1/2 and Jasper is almost 4 months now. And I'm tired, yes, but starting to feel more human finally. It's evening out.

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