November 13, 2007

DT Retail Scoutabout: Cities & Trikes & Marinas Edition

I'll probably add a couple of items to this retail scoutabout, since two of them aren't really retail:


Befuddled Citydweller Baby Gift Alert
Marilyn Singer and Carll Cneut's countdown to naptime book, City Lullaby, got a pretty glowing writeup in the special Children's Edition of the NY Times Book Review over the weekend. And you must admit, Basil, that stroller does look rather Pacmannish. [amazon, nyt]


Befuddled Mount Desert Island Summering Baby Gift Alert
There's a very clean-looking Playtown Marina from Creative Playthings on eBay at the moment, complete with the seaplane and the box [not pictured for some reason]. It's currently $19 shipped, and it ends Nov. 15. [ebay]


Streamlined Jet Trike Rider Gift Alert
Mark from Sparkability suggested this sweet, never-been-on-cement vintage aluminum tricycle as a nice way to ease the arrival of the other kid. The kid certainly loves her trikes and scooters at pre-preschool, but there's something about a kid riding a trike around inside the house that just says Spawn of Satan to me. Call me old-fashioned. Though it might be perfect for you. It's currently $10+$25s/h, auction ends Nov. 18. [ebay]

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I won! Or rather, Adele will win xmas morning; thanks for the heads up on this auction. I marked the rss as unread so I'd bid on the marina, but this things was too sweet.

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