November 12, 2007

Sweet Canadian Minivans You Can Get, Just Not Fit Into

Fagus is Italian for beech, let's get that out of the way right now. These are two of a whole series by Fagus of sweet-looking toy vehicles made of solid beech and rubber. They're at Natural Pod, a British...
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GM's 7-Seat MPV Strategy Wackier Than Flying Cows

GM, which leads the world market for flying cow-catching minivans is finally set to start making smaller, nimbler, [and thus, one assumes, cow-dodging] MPV's in the US. The company's Hamtramck, Michigan plant will begin producing--Opel Zefiras. For export to...
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My First Real World Of Color Boardbook

This is so sweet. One of my biggest gripes about the whole DK My First Whatever Book series is the ridiculous absence of logos. I know exactly why it's the way it is, but it still bugs; it just...
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