November 11, 2007

Otouto No Oppai/ My Little Brother's Boobs


I hate to judge a book by its cover, but even though I can't find any information on the just released Otouto no Oppai, I think I have an idea of what it's about. [The artist/author is Miyanishi Tatsuya, who's My Father Is Ultraman series of children's books is, if slightly confoundingly Japanese, rather awesome.]

But first the title, My Little Brother's Boobs, which is firm and voluptuous enough for several books on its own: So the older kid doesn't know those were once "his" boobs? Is this how sibling rivalry starts, by not sharing the family boobs? And anyway, aren't they Mom's boobs? Or since it's Japan, one of the most sexist countries in the non-Sharia world, maybe they're Dad's boobs?

Now about the cover: whether he intended it or not, Miyanishi has crystallized the complex totality of man's reason for living into a single picture. Or if not the totality, at least the junior high school years.

Buy Miyanishi Tatsuya's Ototo no Oppai at Amazon Japan, then tell us what it's about. []

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If you find out more about this book, I'd be interested to hear it.

It's clear to me that my kids (at 5.5 years) don't really "get" the personal space concept, and the hardest part for them is staying away from my boobs, even though they've been weaned for four and a half years.

In the '70s, my mom had a fleshy beige t-shirt with two prawns, feelers placed to frame the boobs. The caption was opai, which is shrimp in Hawaiian, boobs in Japanese. Mortifying to me then but damned if I don't wish I could find that tee now that I'm nursing baby #2...

I'd definitely like to see that book.

To be fair, the "official reason" was not because of my
big breasts, it was because of my shirt. My memories of
senior prom revolve around my boobs. It's best to be massaged before going to bed and preferably after you took a shower or a bath because this opens up your pores in the skin.

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