November 11, 2007

Hopscotch & Bugs: From The Awesome Carpet Files Of Ms. Karin Mannerstal


The kid's been learning to hop on one foot at pre-pre-school this year. So this sweet Hopscotch carpet by Karin Mannerstall, uh, really jumped out at me on swissmiss.

It's part of the Play series Mannerstall did for the Swedish rugmaker, Kateha. There's also an awesome Bugs carpet, which reminds me of a Damien Hirst painting.

The kid wants no art in her new room, she says, because she wants to be able to throw things [rule: art = no throwing over your head]. But a Hirst butterfly painting in a nursery would be pretty awesome.


If you don't already have one [what's that, you don't??], you could experiment with making one yourself. Just let loose some wedding butterflies in your favorite color to fly into a canvas covered with your favorite color of high-gloss housepaint. On second thought, that might be a little morbid for a nursery.

Hey, she did those Ikea number sheets, too: Karin Mannerstal's portfolio [ via swissmiss]
Kateha: it's Swedish for graphically strong rugs []
Like he needs a link at all to help find him: Damien Hirst Butterfly paintings []

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