November 8, 2007

Damn, But Makie Is An Awesome Baby Store

K. Cooper's blog, hoping for happy accidents, is a goldmine of amazing Japanese modern woodworking and artisanal everything. Most of it's just eye candy, though, since these tiny little companies and stores often don't ship outside Japan. But K.C.K....
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Charlie LeDuff: At-Home Dad, Inappropriate Yoga Guy

As a New York Times reporter, Charlie LeDuff was a little bit Dharma Bum [drifter], a little Hunter S. Thompson [gonzo], a little Joseph Mitchell [character hound], and a little Joyce Wadler [crazy]. Now that's he's got a kid, and...
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Unsuccessful Scientists: "Toddlers Thrive On Pollution"

I swear, I read it on the internet. Dr. Dilbert somethingorother, I missed his last name. [via chimay]...
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We're Moving Today And Tomorrow

Actually, we've been in a slo-mo move and renovation and painting job the last few days, it's just picking up pace. Posting might be a little light. I'm tempted to ask for advice about switching to cloth diapers with the...
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Sweet & Minty: Creative Playthings Giant Magnifier

Now that's nice, a Giant Magnifier from Creative Playthings, new in the box. I got one of these for the kid before she was really able to play with it; after about 2.5-3yo, she fell in love with sticking...
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