November 7, 2007

Permis De Construire, Nominally Sofa-Shaped Blocks By Matali Crasset


Now that Matali Crasset has been identified as the ingenius behind the foam-block-sofa made from cheapass-immigrant-plaid-shopping bags concept, her new Permis de Construire [Construction Permit] sofa for Domeau & Peres fits even more comfortably within her oeuvre. [Though I'm a little wary to use "Domeau" and "comfortable" in the same sentence; they are the ones behind the cinematographic-but-painful Jacques Tati furniture, after all.]

And realistically, it's probably best to think of these as cotton-covered foam blocks that can occasionally take the shape of a sofa rather than a sofa that can be reconfigured at will. My bet is they'll look like the pile at right about 95% of the time.

Permis de Construire by Matali Crasset, price, qui sait? []

Previously: DTQ: Who made these plaid nylon shopping bags into a sofa?
Rocker from Jacques Tati's Mon Oncle


Et le prix..?

looks like fun. i remember many childhood years turning sectional cushions into a fort. but when formed as couch this thing doesn't look super comfortable. maybe thats not the point, but it would be nice. esp since i expect the prix to be haut.

le prix: entre 1500 et 2000€

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