November 7, 2007

Found! That Sick $790 Mod, Spinning Dollhouse


Q: Is the obsession with mini-sized modernism that leads someone to pay $790 for a sweet-yet-anonymous, architect-made, Plexi-on-a-lazy-susan, modernist dollhouse on eBay the same kind that leads someone to create a blog devoted exclusively to modernist dollhouses?

A: Yep.

Shh, I think s/he spotted us.

The 360 Dollhouse - I Bought It! [minimodern via andy]
See also: Old Modern Dollhouses that got away; Puppenhaus Museum - German dollhouses of the 50's & 60's; &c., &c., &c.

Previously: Patented Modernist Dollhouses


desperately anticipating our momoll ray-ray, i got all jealous at first, but after a few posts it seems a little weird. does this guy have a kid? do they get to touch the dollhouses? its more mid-century modernism fetishism than anything to do with fantasy play.

[the first or second post mentions a modern dollhouse (she, I guess) played with as a kid that left a huge impression. Apparently, there's a rather extensive mod dollhouse collector world out there. most of which is definitely outside the DT 0-school demographic. and I guess it's about as weird as model trains. does anyone call those tiny little figures dolls or dollhouses? -ed.]

daniel, (and others)

can you let us know what you think of the momoll ray ray house. I just looked at it a bit more and realized it's not prohibitively expensive, when compared to the selecta and plan deluxe houses. Does the fact that it can be disassembled mean that it comes apart?


Where are you guys getting your Rayrays?

heh, you make it sound like a drug...

i was only able to find it through, which means that it's shipping from switzerland. I figured I'd have it shipped to Germany for when I go there next year, and attempt to save some money.

wait, i guess i spoke too soon. just looked at the retailers on and : for $375 - just called and they sell them for $395

to have them shipped form the company, the shipping is calculated after the order is placed, but unless that is over $100, it seems best to order direct.

Well, good design IS a drug (to me at least). I am going to take a wild guess and say that shipping this baby from Switzerland costs probably way more than $100. Thanks for the links.

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