November 7, 2007

Custom Tripp Trapp Mashups: Have It Your Way At Magic Beans


Whoa. Now we what happens when you live with a big inventory of Stokke Tripp Trapp high chairs for an extended period of time: you start getting a little creative and a little wacky.

Magic Beans has introduced a unique [unless someone copies them] Tripp Trapp mashup service, where they'll mix and match seats, backs, and sides from any color or finish you can think of, for $239, about forty bucks over the cost of a suddenly boring-looking monochrome chair.

You can see how it started, too, in the picture above: They had a white chair just hanging out next to a dark walnut stained one. Everyone was relaxed, there was some Finnish lingonberry wine, a little David Netto-ish sweet talk... And then in the morning they wake up next to this Fiesta Especiale, which no one remembers inviting, but what can you say?

Custom-Matched Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair, $239.50 [ via spilling the beans]


DT, do you have a Tripp Trapp? I ask because I am wondering if I am the only one that thinks this chair is too short to use at standard dinner table height. I like a chair that doesn't look like an egg, a spaceship, a cheap piece of plastic, my dad's old recliner but I am stumped at the TT. Won't my little guy be looking at his plate at eye level?


[we have and love the tripp trapp, though it was still called the kinderzeat when we bought it. Probably started using it around 5-6mos, with the seat at the highest setting. It was not a problem, and in fact, we have really loved the ease and custom of having the kid at the table. Our other high chair is an Ikea Antilop, which has a tray option, but we only used that at the table, too. -ed.]

Oh, I love these! I'm dying for one of the white/walnut ones, but we already have ours in lime.

Heidi, we have a Tripp Trapp, and it's just the right height for our dining room table, which is a Heywood Wakefield butterfly table. When you assemble the chair, it looks too short, but when you slide it up to the table, it's perfect. My son is 9 months old, and we use ours with the Stokke Baby Rail. He loves it, and I love how he's involved in our meals.

"Magic Beans has introduced a unique [unless someone copies them]..."

Now who would copy kids' furniture designs?!?

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