November 6, 2007

If You Were Still Wondering Why To Take Your Son To The Museum

Because your dad might have picked up your mom there after listening to the sixth track on Eric Weber's 1975 album, Picking Up Girls Made Easy!:

"Van Gogh? Who's that? You see, I don't know much about the Impressionists; I'm into Photorealism."

Of course, the flipside is, I'm apparently raising a "chick who's a Van Gogh freak."

365 Days #307 - Picking Up Girls Made Easy! [ via coudal]
Museum Pick Up [mp3 at]

1 Comment

Oh, man, Greg-I clicked, I listened, I laughed. But now I want to throw up.

I think my greatest resolution at this point may be to raise my son to never use the word "chick." Not even for juvenile poultry.

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