November 6, 2007

I'm Telling You, Humans, The Robots Are Coming For Our Kids

And when they enslave us, it'll be through cutesy friendliness, not Decepticon-like terror. That'll come later."We expected that after a few hours, the magic was going to fade," Movellan says. "That's what has been found with earlier robots." But, in...
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I'm Gonna Forgive You, You Don't Need To Run

It was looking grim for a while there, but Metrodad totally redeemed himself when he took his daughter to a freakin' Laurie Berkner concert. And that's despite, not because of, scoring front row seats at Carnegie Hall. Shakin' Down The...
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Wtd: The Minimalist-est Guy-Friendly Sling

So for The Other Kid, I'm really considering trying a sling. We have our Bjorn as a safety, but if there's a clean-enough, unfussy-enough, functionally excellent sling out there to try, I'd love to hear about it. [I don't...
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Odkins: For Example, A Plush Flava-Flav Giraffe

I saw the real Flavor Flav bustin' around somewhere recently, wearing that damn clock, and just waiting to collect his check. Man deserves to make a living, don't get me wrong, but it just seemed a little sad that...
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If France Is Real, It's Baby Naming Trends Are Unusually Precise

Just the other day, the NY Times reviewed an insanely awesome-sounding book by Graham Robb, The Discovery of France, that basically shows how historically, France is not the enchanting-yet-annoying cultural monolith we all love [and American politicians love to hate];...
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If You Were Still Wondering Why To Take Your Son To The Museum

Because your dad might have picked up your mom there after listening to the sixth track on Eric Weber's 1975 album, Picking Up Girls Made Easy!: "Van Gogh? Who's that? You see, I don't know much about the Impressionists; I'm...
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